Unforgettable, immersive, worldwide tours

Trafalgar is a name that has been synonymous with excellence for the last 70 years in the tour industry. It is the most globally awarded guided travel company in the world, the proud recipients of 46 major travel awards in just the past five years.

Gerry’s, together with Trafalgar, offers its customers a multitude of guided tours in destinations around the world.

Our carefully curated tours and travel packages are like no other; we excel in creating unique travel experiences for you. Our experience and knowledge gives Trafalgar Travel experiences the edge above every other. We’ll take you off the beaten track, and on to the best one.

We create immersive travel experiences for our clients. Come with us and meet the locals in the cities you visit, hear their stories, enjoy their food, share their culture, and experience each city and country from the insider’s perspective.

Contact our travel representatives at Gerry’s to book your hassle-free, top of the line international tours with Trafalgar Travel.