Immersive Itineraries. Cruise Global, Connect Local. Boutique Hotels at Sea.

Azamara Club Cruises are luxury cruise ships that have one of the best itineraries to be found at sea, one that works on the principle of Destination Immersion.

‘Destination Immersion: We believe that the principal reason travelers such as yourself circle our globe is to immerse in the rich historical and cultural experiences of regions you are unfamiliar with, yet they are regions that you wish to visit and explore. It’s the personal discovery of the unknown that captures the interest. And that’s a major point of difference with Azamara Club Cruises. We focus on the destinations and offer more overnight stays and more late night departures. This is not a minor detail to experienced travelers, or to anyone who has had to rush back to their ship when they yearn to stay longer. We call this opportunity Night Touring. We also offer extensive programs for onboard education supported by a knowledgeable international staff who know the hidden treasures in each port.’ – Larry Pimentil, President & CEO, Azamara Club Cruises

With Azamara Cruises you will find a holiday like no other; with exceptional service, the best in quality, and a range of extensive itineraries.

Gerry’s brings Azamara and its services to Pakistan; contact any of our sales representatives to find your perfect route. See the world with Azamara and Gerry’s, and immerse yourself in these destinations.